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Initiatives to Accelerate the Development and Testing of New Payment and Service Delivery Models


Frontier Community Health Integration Project Demonstration

This initiative “aims to develop and test new models of integrated, coordinated health care in the most sparsely-populated rural counties with the goal of improving health outcomes and reducing Medicare expenditures.”  It “authorizes a three year demonstration project on community health integration models in certain rural counties to develop and test new models for the delivery of healthcare services in order to better integrate the delivery of acute care, extended care and other healthcare services and thereby improve access to care for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries residing in very sparsely populated areas.”

Health Care Innovation Awards: Project Profiles

Following is a listing of some of the projects being sponsored by CMS, generally through grants of millions of dollars.  In each case the amount of money saved is expected to more than justify the money spent, but results are not yet available. Read more information on individual projects. 
  • “Maximum Health at Minimal Cost: A Community-Based Medical Home Model for the Non-Elderly Disabled”
  • “Comprehensive community-based approach to reducing inappropriate imaging”
  • “Patient Navigation Center”
  • “Expand Atlantic General Hospital’s infrastructure to create a patient-centered medical home”
  • “A home visitation program for rural populations in Northern Dona Ana County, New Mexico”
  • “A home visitation program for rural populations in Northern Dona Ana County, New Mexico”
  • “Preventing avoidable re-hospitalizations: Post-Acute Care Transition Program (PACT)”
  • “The Bronx Regional Informatics Center (BRIC)”
  • “Care team integration of the home-based workforce”
  • "Medicare and CareFirst’s total care and cost improvement program in Maryland”
  • “Improving health for at-risk rural patients (IHARP) in 23 southwest Virginia counties through a collaborative pharmacist practice model”
  • “A recovery-oriented approach to integrated behavioral and physical health care for a high-risk population”
  • “CCHP Advanced Wrap Network”
  • “Bridging the Divides”
  • "Reducing readmissions from nursing home facilities with the Integrated Nurse Training and Mobile Device Harm Reduction Program"
  • “Improving the care and oral health of American Indian mothers and young children and  American Indian people with diabetes on South Dakota reservations”
  • “Integrated model of individualized ambulatory care for low income children and adults”
  • “Expanding and testing a Nurse Practitioner-led health home model for individuals with developmental disabilities”
  • “From clinic to community: achieving health equity in the southern United States”