Quality & Practice

Step 4: Select Measures (Individual Eligible Professionals)

Individual Eligible Professional Reporting Options

Download a PM&R-specific measures guide.

Measures Groups

  • Individual eligible providers can select Measures Group reporting to satisfy their 2016 PQRS requirements. This reporting option is only available through registry reporting in 2016.
    • Select just ONE Measures Group per provider to satisfy PQRS requirements!
    • Report on 20 of your patients seen in 2016, 11 of which must be Medicare part B Fee-For Service (FFS) patients.
  • The top Measures Groups used for 2015 reporting by PM&R physicians were:
    • Chronic Kidney Disease Measures Group
    • Diabetes Measures Group
    • Preventative Measures Group
    • Total Knee Replacement Measures Group

Individual Measures

  • Individual eligible providers can select measures based on their desired reporting outcome by reporting:
    • On nine (9) individual measures.
      • Select at least 1 Cross Cutting measure if you see patients in a face-to-face encounter.
      • EPs that cannot report on 9 measures or less than 3 domains would be subject to the Measure-Applicability Validation (MAV) process, but can still avoid penalties.
    • Across at least three (3) NQS domains.
    • On at least fifty percent (50%) of eligible Medicare Patients.

Congratulations, you have navigated PQRS.