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MIPS Reporting Tool: AAPM&R's Registry

MIPS Reporting

If you are eligible for MIPS Reporting, use AAPM&R’s Registry: the MIPS reporting tool for #physiatry! AAPM&R’s Registry can streamline your quality reporting by connecting to your EHR and compiling all necessary data for meeting your MIPS requirements, helping you avoid a penalty from CMS.

Participants in the Academy's Registry have access to an interactive practice dashboard to monitor their practice’s Quality Payment Program Merit-Based Incentive Payment System’s reporting status for the Quality, Advancing Care Information, and Improvement Activities categories. Various levels of data analysis are possible through the dashboard:

1. High level analysis: View individual MIPS scores for each category and an overall composite MIPS score. This allows a practice to change workflows and patient care in real time to impact their performance.

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2. Overall quality measure analysis: View an overall dashboard on performance for quality measures. This allows a practice to determine which measures they are doing well on and which they need to improve upon.

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3. Detailed individual measure analysis: View details on how practices are performing on an individual quality measure during a specific period. This allows a practice the ability to analyze variations in care for a given time frame. 

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