Pitch To Your Organization

Quality & Practice

Although participation in AAPM&R’s Registry is an easy choice for some practices, we understand that securing a commitment from your organization can be a complicated process. We encourage you to be BOLD and use the following tips and tools to discuss why joining AAPM&R’s Registry is a “win-win” for everyone involved.

Step 1

Determine who in your organization would need to buy in to participating in the AAPM&R Registry. If there are other physiatrists in your organization, start with them! Set up a meeting with them to discuss the benefits of participating in AAPM&R’s Registry. This webpage offers a good summary and starting point for the discussion.

Step 2

Involve other key stakeholders in the process such as the Chief Information Officer, EHR manager, and quality manager. Don’t forget IT! Tell them about AAPM&R’s Registry and how it will benefit your organization as well as individual departments and staff.

Step 3

Contact us to set up a meeting once there is interest among these key department leaders. Our team will work with you to create and give a customized presentation to all of the key players who must approve Registry participation (including leadership, legal and technology team members).  

Step 4

Sign up! Once it is confirmed that your organization would like to proceed with Registry sign up, we recommend designating a project manager to manage the contracting process. We will work closely with the project manager to ensure that all steps of the process are successfully completed in an efficient manner.

Step 5

Data. Once the contracting phase is complete, we will work with your technology team to ensure proper integration for data transfer.

Step 6

Quality Improvement and data analysis will take place after the technology integration is finished. Now it’s time to start using the Registry for all your Quality Improvement needs. In no time at all, your organization will begin reaping the benefits of AAPM&R’s Registry, and we want you to tell us about it! Our Marketing team will reach out to gather more information about you, your organization and its goals for the Registry, promoting your organization as an innovative leader in data-centered care in AAPM&R communication channels.