Visioning PM&R Bold


About Visioning PM&R Bold

Why Now & Why the Academy?

How is the Vision Being Developed?

The purpose of Visioning PM&R Bold is to develop a unified vision for the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Visioning InnovationWe must act now, as the health care landscape is changing and challenging the way medicine has always been practiced. As the primary medical society for the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, AAPM&R wants physiatrists to be bold in the future health care landscape—as new models are being tested that pay for performance and quality care. 

AAPM&R collaborated with 1000s of physiatrists through interactive, live, and online events. Opportunities included:

  • Online surveys to contribute your ideas
  • Virtual town halls focused on understanding specific practice areas and clinical focuses of physiatrists
  • Focus groups and community gatherings to encourage engagement and dialogue
  • Annual Assembly events and input opportunities
  • And more!

The specialty is incredibly diverse, so the perspectives and ideas of every physiatrist are needed to ensure a strong vision for the future of the specialty. We hope that this journey has inspired you to think, talk, act, and Be PM&R Bold…for our patients, for our specialty, and for YOUR future!

Stay tuned for more information on how we plan to turn your BOLD insights into a strategic plan!