Visioning PM&R Bold


Advancing PM&R Bold

Your Academy will continue to bring physiatrists together for BOLD discussions about the future and will be developing MORE opportunities for involvement. This includes:

  • More community engagement to allow members to discuss best practices and how they will add value and adapt, including:
    “What changes do we need to make to our practices?”
    “What models work for helping us collectively achieve the vision?"
  • More facilitation and support of specialty transformation conversations, including:
    “How does training need to evolve?"
    “How do we address workforce limitations?”
  • More support to ensure physiatrists are known as the leaders and value-providers in key areas of health care.
  • More leadership training and development.
  • More resources and support dedicated to helping you demonstrate your value.

Practically speaking, you’ll see opportunities to get involved in think tanks, community discussions, leadership development programs, and much more. You’ll have the chance to participate and learn from the innovators and influencers throughout the specialty. As these opportunities arise, we hope you will commit to be an active part of this BOLD future.

Your Academy has made a bold commitment to the specialty by adopting the vision statement as its own organizational vision statement as well. By supporting this vision with updated statements for our organizational mission, core values, and goals, your Academy is working to support all physiatrists during the current period of intense healthcare changes. Member volunteers powering the Academy are already working to define the objectives and strategies to help us achieve the vision.

Needed: Examples of Bold Leadership

One of the Academy’s first steps is to look at new or innovative ways in which physiatry is practiced. Key areas were identified through the Visioning PM&R Bold research, and efforts will be made to learn more about how these areas and how they may apply across the specialty. Let us know at if your practice is currently working in or exploring any of these areas:

  • Musculoskeletal practice arrangements with Primary Care that extend beyond referrals
  • Opportunities to build comprehensive musculoskeletal practices where physiatry is more integrated than in more surgically aligned and focused practices
  • Ways to integrate physiatry earlier and throughout the entire acute and post-acute care continuum
  • Physiatrists participating in or interested in medical home models for patients with lifelong disability

We are also actively reaching out to physiatrists in pain medicine, pediatric rehabilitation, and cancer rehabilitation medicine to explore additional models aligning with the new vision.

If you, or anyone you know, is actively working in or exploring the areas above, please connect with us at

In addition to the above areas for exploration, AAPM&R is also aligning existing committee work with the new strategic plan. Updates from your peer-driven committees will be provided as they become available. 

Ready to commit to being BOLD?

While the Academy is dedicating significant time and resources to work towards achieving the vision, the biggest change will be made by individual physiatrists. How will you change your practice to thrive in the future? What will be bold about how you adjust to the changes in healthcare? How will you help lead others in healthcare to increase understanding of physiatry’s importance?

We are asking all physiatrists to challenge your perspective and how you practice physical medicine and rehabilitation. Together, we can advance PM&R bold into a future filled with opportunity.

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