Visioning PM&R Bold


Advancing PM&R Bold

Your Academy will continue to bring physiatrists together for BOLD discussions about the future and will be developing MORE opportunities for involvement. Member volunteers powering the Academy are working now to define the objectives and strategies to help us achieve the vision. This includes:

  • More community engagement to allow members to discuss best practices and how they will add value and adapt, including:
    “What changes do we need to make to our practices?”
    “What models work for helping us collectively achieve the vision?"
  • More facilitation and support of specialty transformation conversations, including:
    “How does training need to evolve?"
    “How do we address workforce limitations?”
  • More support to ensure physiatrists are known as the leaders and value-providers in key areas of health care.
  • More leadership training and development.
  • More resources and support dedicated to helping you demonstrate your value.

Practically speaking, you’ll see opportunities to get involved in think tanks, community discussions, leadership development programs, and much more. You’ll have the chance to participate and learn from the innovators and influencers throughout the specialty. As these opportunities arise, we hope you will commit to be an active part of this BOLD future.