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About Us


Board of Governors


Steve R. Geiringer, MD

Past President

Gregory M. Worsowicz, MD, MBA


Darryl L. Kaelin, MD

Vice President

Peter C. Esselman, MD


Jonathan Finnoff, DO


Michelle S. Gittler, MD​


D.J. Kennedy, MD
Robert J. Rinaldi, MD
Charlotte H. Smith, MD
Deborah A. Venesy, MD

Strategic Coordinating Committee Chairs

Medical Education: Steven R. Flanagan, MD, Chair
Membership: Michael Saffir, MD, Chair
Quality, Practice, Policy, and Research: Scott R. Laker, MD, Chair

Ex-Officio Liaisons to Board of Governors

American Medical Association Delegate

Leon Reinstein, MD

PM&R Journal Editor-in-Chief

Stuart M. Weinstein, MD, Editor-in-Chief

Resident Physician Council

G. Sunny Sharma, MD

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas E. Stautzenbach, MA, MBA, CAE