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AAPM&R Compensation Survey

Your Academy is pleased to support a PM&R-specific Compensation Study! The scope of the survey is to collect and report 2016 market compensation and production benchmarks for physiatrists, with detailed information on practice characteristics, physician demographics, clinical activities, income levels, compensation plan structure, and benefits.

How to Participate:

All physiatrists received an email from AAPM&R that included a Source ID. For the security of all physiatrists' compensation data, the Source ID and email address are required to participate in the survey. Once you locate your Source ID, click on the link below. The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to Friday, June 30.

AAPM&R is working with ECG Management Consultants, an independent and neutral third party who will be conducting the survey. To initiate the survey, you will be asked for your email address and “Source ID.” For the security of your data, this information is required. It establishes your unique record in the database. The Source ID is user-specific, tied to this email address, and ensures no one else can login and access your inputted data. All information will remain confidential, and only ECG will have access to your individual record.

You can return to the survey multiple times until Friday, July 21, 2017 to revise and/or edit your response, using your email address and Source ID. Once you hit “Submit” at the end of the survey, all data will be locked. If you cannot locate your Source ID, please email Angie Collins at ECG at

Who Can Participate:

Physiatrists who have graduated from residency, as well as fellows who were in-training in 2016. You do not have to be a member of AAPM&R to participate. 

About Your Privacy:

AAPM&R recognizes the data you are submitting is highly sensitive. This is exactly why we contracted with a third-party vendor. Only ECG Management Consultants has access to your profile and the data you submitted; AAPM&R will never see it. Personally identifiable information, like your email address and NPI number, are only requested so that ECG has a means of contacting you, if there are questions about your data. ECG has an extensive data validation phase. Per our contract, ECG has no rights to your data and cannot use it for any other purposes. 

What You Need to Participate:

All data should be based on 2016 compensation. The survey can take up to 1 hour to complete, so have the below data points on hand to expedite the process. You might also need to consult with your practice administrator. 

Biographic/Demographic Information

  • NPI number
  • Residency end date


  • Health insurance, dental, vision (amounts per month, etc.)
  • Retirement package (401k, 403B, employer match, etc.)
  • Professional compensation (employer sponsored amounts for CME, certification/licensing, professional dues)
  • Malpractice (covered by employer, shared, etc.)

Compensation Information

  • FTE Status
  • Breakdown of annual net earnings (base compensation, clinical compensation, administrative stipends, etc.)
  • Professional charges (Total charges/collections)
  • Professional collections
  • RVU (Total and work)

How the Data Will be Reported:

The depth of reporting will be dependent on the statistical significance of the data, so your response is essential to the value of this study! Once the survey closes, a detailed analysis of the data will begin to determine the level of reporting.

The hope is to release reports later this fall. There will be a lot of data coming out of this survey, if statistically-significant data is achieved—so please participate today! 

Below is a breakdown of the planned reports and who will receive them for FREE! AAPM&R would like to extend a note of appreciation to all Academy members whose dues are helping support this critical initiative for the specialty. 

AAPM&R Member
AAPM&R Member
Executive Summary: 1-2 pages 
In-Depth, Static Report: Key learnings about our specialty’s compensation and productivity – this will be a high-value report for negotiations!
Data Module: Will allow for data manipulation based on key demographics. This will be given to participating members for free as a token of appreciation for their time and data!

Note: All reports will be available for purchase on in late 2017.

Additionally, AAPM&R and Medscape are planning to release compensation information on the popular physician website to generate awareness about our specialty. Please help make this a reality by participating in the survey and submitting your data!


For questions regarding this survey, including access issues or how to answer a specific question, please contact Angie Collins at ECG via email at or via phone at (314) 448-4454.

For questions regarding the reports, please contact AAPM&R Headquarters at with your questions.  A staff member will respond to your inquiry.