State Affairs

AAPM&R's grassroots advocacy efforts are designed to ensure that physiatrists are aware of the health care changes taking place both nationally and locally. Academy staff works with members on state-level issues important to physiatrists and their practices, including opioid prescribing and pain management, scope of practice, and affordable care act implementation. Your Academy aims to ensure that our member physiatrists are well equipped to be active and influential in a unified movement to advocate on important health care issues.

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State Legislation

Your Academy actively monitors legislation proposed in all 50 states. Issues monitored include opioid prescribing and pain management, telemedicine, medical liability reform, and “truth in advertising”. This resource was created to keep members aware of the proposed legislation and to empower physiatrists to take action in their state.

Visit the Advocacy Action Center to see the most recent advocacy campaigns for your state.

Contact Britinia Galvin, bgalvin@aapmr.org to obtain more information on your Academy’s State Affairs.