Scope of Practice



AAPM&R believes that physiatry-led, patient-centered, team-based care is the best approach to providing optimized rehabilitation care for patients. This approach ensures the health and safety of patients and maintains the high quality of care standard set by PM&R physicians. 

The specialized, multidisciplinary training of a PM&R physician makes them the most qualified specialist to lead the team of medical specialists, therapists, and practitioners involved in a patient’s rehabilitative care. 

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AAPM&R is Defending the Role of Physiatrists Against Encroachment from Non-PM&R Physicians and Non-Physicians 23-845836 Scope-of-practice-card-AAPMR (002)_Page_1

In partnership with the American Medical Association, AAPM&R released a new resource aimed at empowering patients to ask questions about the qualifications of the person who is providing their healthcare – the "Ask for a Physician" Patient Card. The card includes a QR code that will direct patients to a webpage, which provides a high-level overview of the difference in education and training of physicians and non-physicians. As PM&R physicians, you are encouraged to distribute the cards to your patients.