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STEP Certificate Programs

STEP Stands for Skills, Training, Evaluation and Performance

AAPM&R's highly-regarded STEP Certificate Programs are designed by physiatrists, for physiatrists. The STEP Certificate Programs are multi-tiered training programs that teach and assess important physiatric skills using a progressive, competency-based curriculum. Participants move through a series of steps, completing each component through a combination of online and live learning formats. Participants who complete all of the required steps will earn a Certificate of Completion.

Successful completion of a STEP Certificate Program will clearly demonstrate to your patients, fellow healthcare professionals, employers, and the medical facilities you work with that you are a competent, expertly trained professional. 

When you earn a STEP Program Certificate, you:

  • Represent the highest standard in the field
  • Communicate a commitment to patient care and safety
  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Gain visibility and credibility in the field
  • Reassure patients and employers that you are committed to excellence

What is a Certificate Program and Why is it so Important?

AAPM&R’s STEP Certificate Programs are modeled after the Institute for Credentialing Excellence’s (ICE) guideline document titled, “Standard for Assessment-Based Certificate Programs.” This type of certificate program is focused on providing comprehensive competency-based training in specific skills; it is not a "certification" that is only designed to test knowledge.  

Why AAPM&R Created the STEP Programs

Because training in clinical areas varies considerably, AAPM&R wanted to provide a centralized, standardized method of training for various skills. Our certificate programs provide a formal pathway for training for those who are out of residency or don’t have another avenue for developing and honing new skills. Holding a STEP Program Certificate distinguishes you in your field and demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills needed to provide top-notch care to your patients.

CME and MOC Credit

Each STEP Certificate Program offers AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Explore your desired program below for more details. 




This flagship STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program is designed to turn physiatrists from beginners to experts in musculoskeletal and neurologic ultrasound through two live courses, online learning, and an in-person skills assessment. 

Interventional Spasticity


The STEP Interventional Spasticity Certificate Program will guide physiatrists through the fundamentals of spasticity diagnosis and interventional treatment options through online learning, a live course, and an in-person skills assessment.



Concussion and Mild TBI


Launched in 2023, our newest multi-tiered training program will teach and assess concussion management using a progressive, competency-based curriculum through both online and in-person class formats. Participants who complete all the required steps will earn a Certificate of Completion, representing the highest standard in the practice of concussion management.