From individual physiatrists to the collective efforts of the Academy, advocacy must take place at all levels of the specialty. It starts with AAPM&R members being informed and engaged. Explore the links below to learn about the Academy’s legislative, regulatory and grassroots advocacy efforts designed to ensure that the practice of physiatry is positioned to flourish in the ever-changing health care landscape. Together, AAPM&R leads the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout health care.



Federal Health Care Reform

Current Priorities

Review the Academy’s current advocacy priorities and how we are supporting physiatry in the areas of MOC, reimbursement, scope of practice, physician burnout, and the 2021 IRF PPS Proposed Rule.

Paralympics Research Advocacy

Academy in Action

Access the Member Action Center and review all the ways the Academy works for you, including current collaborations, liaisons, and actions taken at both the state and national level.

Reimbursement Advocacy

Position Statements

Explore the position statements developed and supported by the Academy, including the Definitions for Rehabilitation Physician and Director of Rehabilitation in Inpatient Rehabilitation Settings, the Academy’s position on MOC, and more.

The Physiatrist

Explore the most recent issues of the The Physiatrist and look for the “Academy in Action” headline to learn about the steps AAPM&R takes to lead the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout health care.