Research Guidance and Funding Opportunities

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Getting Started with Research

It can be difficult to initiate a research project, regardless of whether you have previous research experience. The following resources may be helpful in designing a question and methods to answer the question. Information regarding basics of grant writing and statistical tests may also be useful. Starting a research project can be a daunting undertaking– these resources are intended to light the path!

Description: Funds for research in Cerebral Palsy and developmental medicine.
Description: Grants available for residents in a physics residency program.
Description: Various funding from the Department of Health and Human Services

Description: Various grants made available to both early career and doctoral students.

Deadline: Submissions accepted in the Fall.

Description: Funding for clinical research related to anesthesia, pain medicine, as well as thoses within five years of graduating from a residency/fellowship. 
Description: Funds for research in the field of child neurology.

Description: Research grants available for basic research, clinical research and translational research. There are traveling fellowships available as well.
Description: 3-5 year funding for development of skills in basic science or clinical research.

Deadline: Varies
Description: Funding for residents and career scientists in orthopaedics.
Description: Research training for PM&R residents at the AAP Annual Meeting. Competitive funding for 3-year research training fellowships to study with nationally prominent mentors.
Description: Grants available during 3 different times throughout the year including a Winter and Spring Cycle.