Assembly of Delegates

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The AAPM&R Board of Governors hosts Critical PM&R Dialogues: Assembly of Delegates Meeting every year in person at the AAPM&R Annual Assembly. The purpose of this annual meeting is to discuss and provide input on a critical topic to the specialty of PM&R, designated by the Board of Governors. The meeting is held on the Wednesday before the Annual Assembly begins.

Member Communities are invited to identify one delegate from their member community to participate in this event. The delegate will be asked to share their perspective. In accordance with the AAPM&R Principles of Inclusion and Engagement, the delegates will serve as a diverse focus group to ensure that a variety of membership perspectives are provided. 

This year, the focus of the conversation relates to specialty cohesion as well as the future of the specialty. The discussion will include topics such as overcoming current challenges in inpatient rehabilitation that can impact the entire specialty and the unique needs for positioning and advocating for PM&R in a cohesive way.