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PM&R Pavilion Opportunities

2020 PM&R Pavilion Has Gone Virtual

New Dates for the Exhibit Hall!

Friday, November 13, 2020 - Sunday, November 15, 2020

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PM&R Pavilion Opportunities and Exhibitor Information:

We have a dynamic and robust platform to reach members and great opportunities to demonstrate products! 

Contact Information

Job Fair Exhibits and Sponsorships

Kathleen Noonan, Conventus Media
(978) 777-8870


Lisa Koch, Conventus Media
(978) 777-8870 x 2
Kathleen Noonan, Conventus Media
(978) 777-8870


Lisa Koch, Conventus Media
(978) 777-8870 x 2

Kathleen Noonan, Conventus Media
(978) 777-8870


Sara Rossi Statis, AAPM&R
(847) 737-6038

Product Theaters and Product Demonstrations

Patricia Swift, Conventus Media
(703) 581-9602

Message-in-Motion Wall

Message-in-Motion Wall

NOTICE: Unauthorized Solicitations

Please be aware that AAPM&R list rentals are only authorized for sale through Conventus Media or AAPM&R, and do not include attendee email addresses. No other organizations have access to this information despite their claim. Also, please know that AAPM&R only coordinates with the official conference vendors: Conventus Media, QMS, GES, and OnServices.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent, unauthorized solicitation (including information about AV, booth, or Internet services), please visit this page.

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