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About AAPM&R

Making PM&R Essential, Now and in the Future



Raise Your Hand

More than 600 members volunteer with the Academy each year to advance our vision for the future of the specialty. By giving back, you receive valuable networking opportunities with peers, gain unique insight into the Academy community, and stay current with specialty-related advancements. Plus, you get to flex your clinical and practice skills!

Volunteers are the fuel that power the Academy. With every new volunteer, AAPM&R becomes more energized, more diverse and inclusive, and better equipped to reach our common goals.

Join the growing roster of Team Physiatry members contributing their time and expertise to support the mission, vision, and core values of the Academy, including Advancing PM&R BOLDAdvancing Diversity & Inclusion, and our Principles of Inclusion and Engagement. Explore the information and opportunities below, and join the Volunteer Resource Forum to connect with volunteers, ask questions, access volunteer resources and materials, and get real-time notifications when opportunities become available.

Explore Volunteer Opportunities to Fit Every Schedule

Whether you have one hour to spend with us or a few hours each week, we have the right position on our Team Physiatry roster to match your interests, skills and goals. Check out the categories and opportunity examples below, and choose the one (or more!) that best fits your game plan.


Is your schedule packed but you still want to root on Team Physiatry?

Your voice is important, lend it when you can. Volunteer examples include: Be a #PMRAdvocate by responding to AAPM&R Advocacy Action Center alerts; contribute on PhyzForum; share your voice on surveys; nominate for awards and recognition. View opportunities here.


Ready to take on a leg of the relay for Team Physiatry?

You can volunteer in short, impactful bursts! Volunteer examples include: Participate in a focus group; review PM&R journal articles and abstracts; submit a session or Community Day session proposal. View opportunities here.


Able to tack-on additional mileage? You’re needed on long-term runs with Team Physiatry!

Volunteer examples include: Represent the Academy as a liaison; progress strategic initiatives though committee, workgroup and taskforce charges; become a faculty member. View opportunities here.


Already a Team Physiatry player and ready for more of a commitment?

Coaches are needed for a variety of Academy initiatives. Volunteer examples include: Lead our BOLD mission and vision as a board member; serve as a committee chair; mentor early-career physiatrists. View opportunities here.


Support and Resources for All Volunteers

Your Academy has developed resources to support you as you engage on Team Physiatry!

Check out our resources for current volunteers here.

We Hear You!

Whether you’re cheering, jogging, leading, or looking on, your voice is important; your opinion matters!

Do you have feedback for us? Message us at

We Thank You!

Your Academy appreciates you! We are Stronger Together