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Quality & Practice


About AAPM&R's Registry


AAPM&R’s Registry provides the data to prove your value and improve your care by tracking your success on a national scale and studying the most effective treatments for your patients. As more data is collected, the specialty will become stronger, together.


You can participate directly from your office! From the moment a patient calls to make an appointment to the time they transition from your care, there is a story being told about your clinical care. It starts with the patient’s information being documented, and grows over time with more details, new findings, and patient satisfaction scores. Each time a patient sees their provider, data is recorded in their electronic health record (EHR), which is then reported to the Registry. Key information from the provider’s EHR is sent in a secure and encrypted fashion to the Registry for analysis.


Decision-making is no longer fueled by anecdotes or the benefit of the doubt. Decision-making demands data – factual evidence that your skills and services are deserving of a patient’s patronage, an institution’s referral, or a payor’s reimbursement.

You need quantifiable proof of your value.

You can’t gather that proof on your own and the data an institution collects will not sufficiently focus on or benefit physiatry.  The accurate documentation of PM&R through data is an effort that will involve all of physiatry, together, and it starts with AAPM&R’s Registry.

AAPM&R’s Registry is essential for the specialty and its future. By serving as a physiatry-owned, single depository of data, the Registry will harness the combined power in numbers of the entire specialty. This mass of data can then aid the specialty by guiding efforts to reduce burnout and defend our scope of practice.


The strategic planning and development of the Registry is overseen by AAPM&R staff and physiatrist-led steering committee.

  • Michael Hatzakis, Jr., MD, Chair
  • Thiru Annaswamy, MD
  • Amy Houtrow, MD, PhD, MPH
  • Mark Huang, MD
  • John Lesher, MD
  • Alan Novick, MD
  • James Sliwa, DO