About AAPM&R's Registry

Quality & Practice



AAPM&R’s Registry is essential for the specialty and its future. By serving as a physiatry-owned, single repository of data, the Registry will harness the combined power in numbers of the entire specialty. This mass of data can then aid the specialty by guiding efforts to reduce burnout and defend our scope of practice.

Not only does AAPM&R’s Registry provide the data to prove your value, it provides data to improve your care by tracking your success on a national scale and studying the most effective treatments for your patients. As more data is collected, the specialty will become stronger, together.


The AAPM&R Registry is a single repository of data that tracks “real-world” care nationally to define rehabilitation practice, move rehabilitation forward and improve patient outcomes. The AAPM&R Registry is the first of its kind for PM&R and is the ideal platform to showcase:

  • An individual’s contribution to improving the outcomes of their patients
  • A PM&R department’s commitment to advancing the care it provides to its patients
  • An institution’s mission to provide high-quality, value-based care


AAPM&R’s Registry success will come from harnessing traditional EMR data with Patient Reported Outcomes data. AAPM&R’s Registry leverages healthcare interoperability standards to intake data and transform that data into real-world evidence through smart analytics and build intuitive and flexible reports.