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Welcome to the PM&R family. As a resident member, you are part of a network of PM&R residents from across the country. Your resident leadership is working hard to provide resources that help you get the most out of residency while preparing to join the workforce.

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These resources include information that may be useful to help you survive residency and make the transition to practicing physician.


Career Planning and Fellowships

One of the most valuable resources your Academy provides is information on your career. As a member, you have access to products and services created by your peers.

Personal/Business Insurance and Wealth Management

  • T&H-anEPICcompany-Logo-Color-CMYK-20220322-01Through Treloar and Heisel, Inc.., Academy members can discuss insurance needs, both personal and business as well as wealth management strategies. Treloar and Heisel, Inc. is an agency that serves physicians. Download a flyer about the services they provide to physicians and contact them directly to explore more (