Advancing the Awareness and Value of PM&R



The Academy, led by the Specialty Brand Expansion committee, began executing a new plan to showcase the specialty’s medical expertise and increase awareness and value of the specialty. This plan began in assessing and treating patients during the growing public health crisis, Long COVID. Our efforts focused on ensuring patients receive the care they need while also communicating the value of PM&R early and throughout the continuum of healthcare.

Member Resources

While AAPM&R is executing plans to advance the specialty toward our vision, our members have a vital role to play as well. Positioning yourself in both fee-for-service and value-based models is key to your success.

While this transition in healthcare may feel far off or removed from your everyday practice, it is advancing all around us. This toolkit was designed to support you by clearly explaining the value PM&R brings to healthcare models, the audiences that we need to communicate with and key messages to share and build upon.

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Academy Efforts

AAPM&R and our members have garnered significant media coverage, starting with Long COVID and now bridging to other clinical areas (i.e., back pain, cancer rehabilitation, sports medicine, etc.) as we continue to position PM&R physicians as leaders in multi-disciplinary care. Watch the video below to see our milestones and successes for PM&R physicians. 


A Focus on Specialty Awareness

AAPM&R is the organization that is BOLDLY advancing the future of PM&R and working to promote the specialty and the value physiatrists bring to the healthcare environment. We are committed to providing opportunities for members to demonstrate their value and are proud to share that we have been securing media coverage for our PM&R physician members to build awareness and demonstrate the value of physiatrists, not only related to Long COVID but several other clinical areas. The Academy and our members have been highlighted in 90+ major national and healthcare media outlets! Explore our press page and our 2022 Annual Report to learn more.


Partnerships that Grow

AAPM&R engaged Patient Care Online, an online publication focused on delivering content for Primary Care Physicians. After their initial interest in our leadership around Long COVID, we've now spoken to them about the role of PM&R in breast cancer recovery, sports medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, and unique models of PM&R and PCP's working together. This same engagement with Patient Care Online has led to features in Medical Economics and other healthcare focused outlets. This is exactly what the Specialty Brand Expansion committee envisioned when they laid out their plan to help bring awareness and build value for the specialty among key healthcare stakeholders.

Patient Care Online Articles featuring PM&R regarding Long COVID, Cardiac Rehab, and Breast Cancer Rehab

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