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Search for residency and fellowship programs with the American Medical Association's FREIDA Online® (Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access). FREIDA Online contains profiles of nearly 10,000 residency and fellowship programs, each accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Create a free account and use this interactive tool to:

  • Discover whether your USMLE® or COMLEX-USA® scores qualify for a residency interview and how they compare with current residents’ scores.
  • Find which states and cities offer programs in your specialty.
  • Narrow, organize and save your search with the AMA-members-only rating and tracking features—join the AMA to take advantage of these.
  • Identify which programs provide the educational benefits you need for your next career step.
  • Determine how the program will affect your work-life balance and personal finances.


PM&R Residency Programs in the U.S.