PM&R BOLD Team Physiatry


Making the Vision a Reality

The vision for the specialty represents the input of thousands of physiatrists. Making it a reality is our priority, so that we can thrive in the future health care landscape. No matter the practice area, we recognize the vision represents a transformation for the specialty.  How are physiatrists going to make the vision a reality and how is the Academy leading this transformation?

  1. Working with physiatrists to translate the vision into different practice areas. What will the vision look like in Musculoskeletal Care or across the Acute/Post-Acute Care Continuum? It is ONE vision; however, it may be realized in different ways across the field's diverse practice settings with their own envisioned futures.

  2. As those envisioned futures are defined, so are the strategic plans to move the specialty from the current reality to the future. Each Practice Area has its own strategic plan so that the gaps in current realities and the defined vision are identified and adequately addressed.

  3. The strategic plans will rely on many to implement the critical objectives and strategies. To that end, the Academy is aligning existing and new committee structures to support successful oversight and implementation of the plans.

  4. Most importantly, there are things that the Academy's formal structures, such as committees, won't be able to lead on their own. We need to support the collaboration of physiatrists across the specialty to be successful. This is where the learning collaboratives critically support member engagement to transform the specialty.

Learning Collaboratives

Learning Collaboratives at their core are communities formed with a very specific intent: creating space for physiatrists to learn from one another as we work towards the common goal of advancing the specialty's vision. The Academy will act as the facilitator, providing space, both in-person and online, but the engagement is member-to-member.

What can you learn from your peers?

Have they tried something that you're considering trying?

What was their experience in their setting?

What resources can they offer?

Learning Collaboratives serve two key roles:

  • To provide members with the space and technology to learn from one another. These communities are specifically focused on igniting conversations around what members have experienced and can learn from one another.
  • To collaborate on specific objectives as we define the path to the vision. As committees are tasked with new goals and objectives, they may need to understand more about practice area realities and best practices. Your input as a learning collaborative participant will help define the path forward.

Join a Learning Collaborative Today

Join your peers who are ready to do innovative work for the advancement of the specialty. Learning Collaboratives are the perfect place to share best practices and join a community of your peers to discuss the future of PM&R and how we can get there together.

We have started with 2 Practice Areas, based on input gathered through the Visioning PM&R BOLD initiative: Musculoskeletal Care and Acute/Post-Acute Care. Each group kicked off in person during the 2018 Annual Assembly in Orlando, FL and now have dedicated online communities on PhyzForum. More learning collaboratives are coming soon.