Making the Vision a Reality through Learning Collaboratives



Learning Collaboratives at their core are communities formed with a very specific intent: creating space for physiatrists to learn from one another as we work towards the common goal of advancing the specialty's vision. The Academy will act as the facilitator, providing space, both in-person and online, but the engagement is member-to-member.

What can you learn from your peers?

Have they tried something that you're considering trying?

What was their experience in their setting?

What resources can they offer?

Learning Collaboratives serve two key roles:

  • To provide members with the space and technology to learn from one another. These communities are specifically focused on igniting conversations around what members have experienced and can learn from one another.
  • To collaborate on specific objectives as we define the path to the vision. As committees are tasked with new goals and objectives, they may need to understand more about practice area realities and best practices. Your input as a learning collaborative participant will help define the path forward.

Learning Collaboratives

Four Learning Collaboratives took place at the 2019 AAPM&R Annual Assembly in San Antonio, Texas, November 14-17. These 3-hour sessions centered around dialogue with your peers. We tackled tough issues and learned more about changes in healthcare and the effects on the specialty. Topics included training and core service discussions, conversations around how we can position physiatry well with other specialties and system, how we utilize technology to advance and practice and how co-management models can help extend the influence of PM&R across many settings.