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AAPM&R Awards

Each year, AAPM&R takes time to honor pioneering physiatrists, clinicians, researchers, and public servants who have made significant contributions to both the specialty and to individuals with disabilities and vulnerable populations at risk for disabilities. Learn more about our 2023 award winners and stay tuned for our 2024 award winners.

PM&R Awareness Ambassadors

This unique program recognizes AAPM&R members who have positioned PM&R through media interviews, presentations in their communities or systems and/or presentations to other specialties. Learn more about becoming an ambassador.

Innovators and Influencers Honorees

Through the new Innovators and Influencers Honoree Program, we are honoring AAPM&R members, PGY3 through 15 years post residency, who have accomplished something innovative or influential within the specialty of PM&R or to the PM&R patient population. In our inaugural year, we are recognizing 21 physiatrists who were selected by the Innovators & Influencers Honorees Application Review Workgroup and approved by the Inclusion & Engagement Committee for their exemplary work. Read more about them in the special insert included in the May issue of The Physiatrist.

Member Stories

During COVID-19, AAPM&R members shared their stories with us, of working in their communities, helping treat COVID-19 patients, innovative ideas they have started and more. Take a look at their stories.