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Welcome and thank you for supporting the Academy as a Member Community Chairperson. To help orient you in this new role, we’ve provided several resources that are outlined below. Please use them to connect and facilitate conversations with your Member Community. As always, Academy staff is here to help answer any questions.

Community Connect - Virtual Member Community Session:

Member Community Chairs may utilize the Academy’s virtual meeting services to connect with their community throughout the year. This resource may be utilized for when a presentation is being given, when communities are reviewing and editing documents, or even network. In order to properly secure a virtual meeting service, please allow 2 weeks for the meeting to be scheduled. If there is an emergency and a virtual meeting must be scheduled in less than a week, please email Click here to request your Community Connect.


PhyzForum, the Academy’s online forum, is where Member Communities can connect with each other, share experiences, and advance the future of the specialty together via discussion boards and blog posts. Each Member Community has a dedicated presence on PhyzForum, and there’s also a mobile app for instant access to discussions with peers.

Follow the instructions below to navigate within the PhyzForum platform.

Annual Assembly:

Planning on attending this year's Annual Assembly in San Diego? Member Community Chairs keep an eye out for information regarding Member Community Meet Up and Business Meeting opportunities. We can't wait to see you there!

Other Member Community Information

Member Community Policy:

Explore this policy to review Member Community requirements, leadership, nominations, qualifications, terms, rules, and more. Per the Member Community policy, all Member Communities must be open to all members and not exclusive to one or more membership classifications. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Academy staff for assistance at (847) 737-6000 or

Chair Nomination and Election Process:

Member Community Chairs can access the Member Community chair nomination and election process here. Nominations and Elections are held every 2 years. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Academy staff for assistance at (847) 737-6000 or

Submit Input to Strategic Coordinating Committees:

AAPM&R's Member Communities are encouraged to work within their Communities as well as collaboratively with others to engage its members and provide opportunities for peer support, networking, and collective grassroots projects and outcomes. However, there may be times when a Member Community needs to provide strategic input to the Board of Governors and Strategic Coordinating Committees outside of the Critical PM&R Dialogues: Assembly of Community Delegates meeting.  Member Community Chairs can provide input to Strategic Coordinating Committees at any time. Click here to complete the submission form. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Academy staff for assistance at (847) 737-6000 or


Member Community Chair Orientation Webinar:

Critical PM&R Dialogues: Assembly of Delegates Orientation Webinar: