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AAPM&R offers this area of the website to highlight member-created surveys and studies that you may share with the PM&R community. Do you have a survey or study that you need assistance answering from the community? Submit your surveys here and answer a brief questionnaire. 

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Assessing Knowledge and Awareness of TMR/RPNI in Physicians and Amputees

Information is disseminated much more rapidly with the advent of facilitated interprofessional communication, internet resources and support groups. However, universal understanding should not be assumed. The level of knowledge of TMR/RPNI among physicians and patients should be characterized. Furthermore, the best way to provide continuous education to both physicians and patients on the rapidly evolving field of peripheral nerve intervention for chronic pain should be identified. The goal of this survey is to better characterize awareness of pain management physicians/surgeons, and identify targets for increasing knowledge/interdisciplinary care.