Benefits of AAPM&R's Registry

Quality & Practice


Tracking and Monitoring Outcomes

Participating in the AAPM&R Registry allows you to:

  • Benchmark your practice
  • Improve patient care
  • Manage patient populations
  • Join a community of quality improvement


How It Works

We turn data into useful information through smart analytics.
Plenty of disparate data exists, but it’s not easily accessed or usable as practical, actionable information. The AAPM&R Registry consolidates this data into one source for easy access and use:

  1. The Platform: The AAPM&R Registry leverages healthcare interoperability standards to intake data.
  2. Data Sources: Traditional Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data is combined
    with Patient Report Outcomes (PRO) data for input into the system.
  3. Accessing Results: The Registry will use smart analytics and intuitive, flexible
    reports to transform data into real-world evidence.
  4. Personalized Login: An individual login is assigned to each participant allowing
    them easy access to the Registry and its reports at their convenience, 24/7.





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