Benefits of AAPM&R's Registry

Quality & Practice

Tracking and Monitoring Outcomes

Tracking and monitoring outcomes with longitudinal data is a focus of AAPM&R’s Registry. AAPMR’s Registry streamlines the PRO process by capturing data quickly and accurately with results depicted in easy-to-read dashboard reports. This allows participating institutions access to their own real-time dashboard comparing their metrics to the AAPM&R Registry  national benchmark. This allows participants to compare patient outcomes, professional performance and care processes against other physicians across the country. Separately, individual clinicians have the ability to view their own dashboard based on data submitted for populations being analyzed. Using AAPM&R’s Registry, physiatrists will learn from each other what treatments are ideal and result in the best outcomes, giving you the data needed to demonstrate your value and improve your care.

Patients will also have access to their own patient dashboard showing their treatment and progress over time. 

AAPM&R’s Registry is designed to enhance communication between clinicians and patients in diverse research and clinical settings through its ability to collect, track and monitor outcomes from the institution, clinician and patient level.

"We’re laying the groundwork to develop measures that are more relevant to the clinicians who provide rehabilitation services. We don’t believe rehabilitation should be just a process. Rehabilitation should be about improving outcomes and changing the face of the specialty. The only way to do that is by standardizing outcomes, analyzing the data and proving that what you do is making a difference."

Dr. Jim Sliwa, DO, FAAPMR
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab
AAPM&R Registry Steering Committee