The Consensus Process for Collaborative Guidance Statements

Members & Publications

The collaborative is following a consensus process that is estimated to take 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

Wave 1

  • Drafting of Symptom/Issue Overview
  • Presentation, Assessment and Treatment Brainstorm by writing group
  • Project Team synthesis of potential assessment and management approaches
  • Clinical review and compilation for voting

Wave 2 (Incorporating patient perspectives)

  • Polling of importance of each statement for designated symptom/issue
  • Collaborative participants hear input from patient representatives on symptom and treatment experiences
  • Discussion of each statement; determination on if makes next recommendation list
  • Documentation of rationales for inclusion and exclusion; special population considerations

Wave 3 (Incorporating patient perspectives)

  • Project team synthesis Collaborative input and returns recommendations to writing group for finalization
  • Consensus vote
  • Move to publication
PASC Collaborative Timeline