PASC Consensus Guidance

Members & Publications

The Academy has undertaken comprehensive efforts to support our call for a national plan to address Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC or Long COVID) and the 3 to 10 million Americans it is affecting.  

AAPM&R understands the need for focused, meaningful, and ongoing clinical exchange between the medical community to assess and implement appropriate clinical practice for treating and following all long-term COVID issues, not just those issues requiring PM&R intervention, is necessary. Therefore, AAPM&R has gathered a multidisciplinary collaborative with goals to foster engagement and share experiences to propel the health system towards defining standards of care for persons experiencing Long COVID-19/PASC.

Published Guidance

The collaborative is working to publish guidance on a rolling basis. Writing groups are working within a consensus process with 3 waves. All published guidance will be linked here as it becomes available.

Additional Resources

  • Fatigue Guidance Statement: Access all of the tables, which include the methodology, recommendations, health equity considerations and more.
  • Breathing Discomfort Guidance Statement: Access all of the tables, which include the recommendations, health equity considerations/examples, rehabilitation approaches and more.  
  • Cognitive Symptoms Guidance Statement: Access all of the tables (also available in PowerPoint slides), which include the recommendations, screening tools, strategies, health equity considerations and more.

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