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AAPM&R Releases Position Statement on Physiatrists' Role in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Jul 20, 2016

On June 28, 2016, the AAPM&R Board of Governors approved a new position statement on Physiatrists' Role in Skilled Nursing Facilities. The position statement is designed to complement advocacy and education efforts with payers and policy makers, as well as facility and accountable care organization (ACO) administrators, at the federal, state, and regional levels. 

There is increasing pressure in the healthcare system to provide high quality, efficient rehabilitation care to patients across PAC settings including SNFs. In the future, more patients will be receiving their rehabilitation care in a SNF setting. Physiatrists have unique expertise and should take an active role in this setting. Physiatrists will focus on the coordination of the rehabilitation team, set functional goals, manage medical and other complications related to the rehabilitation diagnosis, minimize hospital readmissions, and work to transition the patient to home as quickly and safely as possible. The physiatric management of patients in the SNF setting will lead to greater functional gains by the patient, earlier discharge and cost savings for the healthcare system.

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