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Geriatrics: Interviews with Our Liaisons to Get a Look at Why and How the Academy is Involved

Mar 08, 2017

AAPM&R collaborates with many different organizations to advance the specialty and the work of physiatrists. Many of our members (your peers) work with the Academy to strengthen PM&R. In fact, we have more than 30 members who currently serve as Academy representatives to other specialty groups. These liaisons work with other organizations to make sure physiatry’s voice is heard and the issues that are important to Academy members are expressed.

In particular, 3 of our liaisons, Patrick Kortebein, MD, Dale C. Strasser, MD, and Richard D. Zorowitz, MD, currently work with organizations dedicated to improving the care of older adults. We connected with them to discuss the issues facing the geriatric community, their roles as Academy representatives, and its impact to physiatry.

Read the full interview in your March issue of The Physiatrist.