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Thank You for Taking a Stand Against the 2021 IRF Proposed Rule

Jun 16, 2020

Thanks to your efforts, Team Physiatry raised a unified voice to CMS before the June 15 deadline for public comment on the 2021 IRF Proposed Rule

Together, 123 groups signed on to AAPM&R’s stakeholder letter; more than 95 of your patients wrote to CMS, detailing the critical role PM&R physicians played in their care; and more than 2,300 physicians submitted letters to voice their opposition to this dangerous proposal.

But our work is not done. We urge you to take the next step in our fight to protect the future of the specialty. Although the public comment period has closed, Congress can still help us win this.

Please contact your Congressional Representative, asking them to urge CMS not to finalize the 2021 IRF Proposed Rule. This call will only take a few minutes, at most. Not sure what to say? Use these talking points.

Stay tuned to your Academy communications for more information about the outcome of our efforts to defeat this proposal.

Team Physiatry's advocacy is driven by you. Thank you for being a #PMRAdvocate and getting involved!