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Drs. Finn, Fredericson, and Harris: In the News, July 29, 2020

Jul 29, 2020
  • Kenneth Finn, MD, FAAPMR, of Springs Rehabilitation PC, recently had his new textbook published, Cannabis in Medicine. Dr. Finn has been practicing pain medicine in Colorado for more than 25 years and spent 4 years on Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council.
  • Michael Fredericson, MD, FAAPMR, director of PM&R sports medicine at Stanford University, along with his Co-PI at UCLA have been awarded another 3-year grant to implement their injury prevention program at all Pac-12 schools, “Overuse Injuries/Injury Prevention: Improving Bone Health and Reducing the Incidence of Bone Stress Injuries in Pac-12 Distance Runners: An Implementation Plan Focusing on Health Promotion, Optimal Fueling, and Changing Culture.” Dr. Fredericson is also a co-investigator on two other recent Pac-12 supported studies.
  • Philip Harris, MD, FAAPMR, chairman of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Brookdale Hospital, discusses a possible link between COVID-19 and Guillain-Barre syndrome. Read more.
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