Career Center

Career Center

Physician Wellness Resources

AAPM&R cares about the wellness of our physician members. Research has established that physician burnout threatens the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, access to care, and physicians’ lives.

To support physician wellness, AAPM&R provides resources, tools, and solutions focused on the daily challenges of practicing medicine as well as barriers impacting the specialty as a whole.

Peer-to-Peer Support:

  • PhyzForum – access 24/7 to peers from all over the country and world who may be experiencing similar or different practice challenges and an opportunity connect with them.
  • Member Communities – an opportunity to connect with peers on what matters most to the individual physiatrist
  • Learning Collaboratives – an ongoing experience of support, growth, and advancement
  • Mentor Program – an avenue to connect with seasoned physiatrists who have seen it all and can offer guidance and support

Plus, the Annual Assembly provides access to more than 3,000 physiatrist peers during a week of networking, best practices, and exchange of ideas.

Educational Resources:

Regulatory Support:

Financial Resources:

  • Compensation survey report – a resource to aid in negotiations that can lead to higher pay, opportunities, etc.
  • SoFi Discounts – special student loan refinancing discounts for members to reduce financial burdens that can lead to burnout
  • Insurance Discounts – members receive reduced rates on insurance

Personal Well-being:

  • MemberDeals – members receive discounts on vacations, movie tickets, car rentals, etc. through AAPM&R that allow them to take full advantage of personal time, when able.

Physician Empowerment and Recognition:

  • The AAPM&R Registry – documentation for proving value/meeting requirements
  • Early-Career Pathways – provide early-career members access to training, resources, and physician networks that connect them and empower them to their core PM&R community
  • AAPM&R Awards – celebrating physiatrists and their hard work/accomplishments among their peers and within their organizations and community
  • Physiatry Day – celebrating the work of physiatrists, their impact on patients, and the value they bring to medicine
  • – celebrate the specialty and read stories from your peers
  • Volunteer Opportunities – many opportunities for members to advance their careers and physiatry