Career Support

The Academy's Virtual Mentoring program defines protégés as physiatrists who are in residency through 5 years post-residency.


What sets AAPM&R's Virtual Mentoring program apart is the ability for real-time mentoring. Through the virtual platform, you will receive guidance, education, and advice from mentors when you need it - often, in just 24 hours.

The scope and focus of mentoring relationships will vary for every mentor-protégé pair, as it will reflect the individual needs of the participants, but generally, protégés will:

  • Receive feedback on their performance and suggestions on how to improve, and learn skills needed to be successful.
  • Build a partnership that focuses on personal and professional development.
  • Be challenged to grow in a safe environment.
  • Receive information or an opinion about what another person should do in a specific academic or personal matter. A protégé will receive honest input on handling difficult situations.

Protégés should:

  • Discuss expectations
  • Be receptive to feedback and constructive criticism
  • Be respectful of mentor’s time
  • Take initiative
  • Establish clear and well-defined objectives
  • Send an agenda in advance so your mentor can have time to contemplate your concerns
  • Follow through with mentor suggestions and report back in a timely manner on outcomes
  • Report back if advice you’ve received has proven successful
  • Look for opportunities to teach your mentor
  • If the relationship isn’t a good fit, let the mentor know that you’re thinking about going in a different direction. Thank for guidance so far; go out on a positive note.