Congratulations to Our 25-Year Members

Members & Publications


November 14, 2018

AAPM&R is especially thankful for each of these members for their long-standing commitment to the Academy and its goals as they celebrate 25 years of Academy membership in 2018. Thank you. 

Alexander O. Francini, MD
Amitabh Goel, MD
Anand Joshi, MD
Anh Q. Nguyen, MD
Annamaria L. Dunn, MD
Anthony N. Ricci, MD
Arlene M. Braker, MD
Birgit L. Haglund, MD
Brent J. Bowen, MD
Brian E. Higgins, DO
Brian M. Roth, MD
Brian P. Giersch, MD
Brian Y. Kim, DO
Carlos A. Oteyza, MD
Casiano Flaviano, III, MD
Charles W. Graubert, MD
Chow H. Ng, MD
Christina Y. Lee, MD
Christopher D. Berman, MD
Christopher J. Garrison, MD MBA
Christopher J. Rink, DO
Christopher J. Rogers, MD
Christopher N. Burrei, DO
Cielo Navato-Dehning, MD
Claudia M. Restrepo-Gartner, MD
Colin L. Kanar, MD
Conrad S.G. Hoy, MD
Conway Chin, DO
Daniel J. Sullivan, DO
Daniel L. Collins, MD
Daria A. Trojan, MD
Daryl L. Figa, MD
David A. Judish, MD
David P. Poindexter, MD
David P. Steinberg, MD
Deanna M. Janora, MD
Deborah Saint-Phard, MD
Debra J. Panucci, MD
Dexanne B. Clohan, MD
Dina B. Eisinger, MD
Donna J. Roggenbuck, MD
Dorota M. Gribbin, MD
Earl J Craig, MD
Eden Wheeler, MD
Edgardo Diez, MD
Edison H. Wong, MD, MS
Eduardo R. Elizondo, MD
Edward C. Burnetta, MD
Edward G. Allcock, DO
Edward J. Mendelsohn, MD
Edwin M. Gangemi, MD
Elaine L. DeVos, MD
Elinor M. Anan, MD
Eric D. Walker, MD
Eric N. Carlsen, MD
Eric R. Beck, MD
Eric S. Lippman, MD
F. Shawn Madden, MD
Frank J. Bender, III, MD
Frank S. Pidcock, MD
Gary J. Dilla, MD
Gerry N. Smith, MD
Gregory J. Zuercher, DO
Hans L. Carlson, MD
Harmeen K. Chawla, MD
Heidi J. Goldstein, MD
Heidi Prather, DO
Helen Z. Patel, MD
Helena Lax, MD
Herbert L. Thornhill, MD
Herman H. Lau, MD
Howard I. Levy, MD
Ivor A. Nugent, MD
James L. Chinarian, MD
James R. Ellis, MD
Jay Smith, MD
Jeannie M. Blom, MD
Jeffrey C. Wilkins, MD
Jeffrey E. Hazlewood, MD
Jeffrey H. Kramer, MD
Jeffrey Kornreich, MD
Jeffrey S. Meyers, MD
Jennifer H. Page, MD
Jennifer Harrison, MD
Jesse A. Lipnick, MD
Jesus A. Maldonado, MD
Jodi L. Yelverton, MD
Joel T. Dall, MD
Joella P. Beard, MD
John A Ledington, MD
John A. Magnotta, MD
John C. Anigbogu, MD
John E. Del Rosario, MD
John Z. Shumko, MD PhD
Jonathan S. Halperin, MD
Joseph E. Hornyak, IV, MD PhD
Joseph H. Kay, Jr., MD
Joseph J. Biundo, Jr., MD
Jouko J. Salminen, MD
Julie K. Silver, MD
Karen Gade-Pulido, MD
Keathern S. Malone, MD
Kelly S. Eschbach, MD
Kenneth R. Britton, DO
Kimberly A. Bouvette, MD
Krystal W. Chambers, MD
Kurt A. Kuhlman, DO
Kurt A. Smith, DO
Kusuma C. Rao, MD
Larry A. Levine, MD
Laurian Jacoby, MD
Lawrence A. Lesnak, DO
Lawrence W. Frank, MD
Leighton Chan, MD MPH
Leonard J. Tananis, MD
Lourdes I. Publico, MD MPH
Marco N. Wen, MD
Marcy C. Schlinger, DO
Margaret D. Anderson, MD
Margita V. Beard, MD
Maria J.G. Reyes, MD
Marianne Sturr, DO
Marilynn H. Price, MD
Mark A. Wren, MD
Mark D. Klaiman, MD
Mark P. Bodack, MD
Marshall Y. Stitz, MD FRCPC
Mary E. Njegovan, MD
Michael C. Wainberg, MD
Michael J. Corcoran, MD
Michael J. Woods, DO
Michael Yu, MD
Michelle A. Stern, MD
Michelle J. Alpert, MD
Miraflor T. Reyes-Ganzon, MD
Mohan S. Gulati, MD
Monte A. Haber, MD
Moon S. Bae, MD
Nabil Ahmad, MD
Nancy A. Murphy, MD
Nathan J. Rudin, MD
Nelson V. Valena, MD
Nicholas R. Panaro, MD
Nunzio Saulle, MD
Oksana T. Prawak, MD
Pano L. Papalekas, MD
Patrick J. O'Brien, MD
Paula E. Wegert, MD
Pericles S. Hadjiyane, MD
Peter D. Johnson, MD
Philip J. Citek, MD
Ralph D. Brown, Jr., MD
Ralph E. Gay, MD
Randolph L. Roig, MD
Raymond D. Gritton, MD
Remon A. Fino, MD
Ricardo A. Nieves, MD
Richard E. Seroussi, MD
Richard J. Donadio, MD
Richard L. Wilson, Jr., MD
Richard S. Kaplan, MD
Rita Harvey-Turner, MD
Robert B. Giedraitis, MD
Robert J. Krug, MD
Robert W. Irwin, MD
Rocco A. Chiappini, MD
Roger C. Knakal, MD
Ronald J. Pak, MD
Ronald M. Lieberman, DO
Ronald S. Miller, MD
Ross A. Hardy, MD
Russell Gelfman, MD MS
Salvatore J. Russomano, MD
Sara Marks Tabby, MD
Sathish R. Modugu, MD
Serena M. Satcher, MD
Sherry F. Yudell, MD
Stephan Bamberger, MD
Subramani Seetharama, MD
Susan Keeshin, MD
Susan M. McDowell, MD
Suzanne E. Benson, MD
Suzanne L. Groah, MD
Terry L. Bagley, MD
Thomas A. Rossi, MD
Thomas E. Balazy, MD
Thomas K. Watanabe, MD
Thomas S. Kiser, MD MPH
Timothy V. Sandell, MD
Todd A. Kuiken, MD PhD
Todd P. Lefkoe, MD
Vibhay Prasad, MD
Vicki L. Seidenberg, MD
Victor H. Flores, MD
Vijay B. Vad, MD
W. Christian VandenBerg, MD
William J. Pesce, DO
William W. Chang, MD

Legislation Introduced to Alleviate Impact of Conversion Factor Cut for 2021

Nov 09, 2020

Last month, two bills were introduced in the House proposing solutions to the estimated 10.6% Physician Fee Schedule conversion factor cut expected to go into effect January 1, 2021.  The bills offer some relief to the cut, but do not reflect a comprehensive or long-term solution.  AAPM&R has therefore chosen to remain neutral regarding these bills. 

Your Academy continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the conversion factor cut while maintaining the important payment increases to office and outpatient evaluation and management services.