Congratulations to Our 25-Year Members

Members & Publications


November 21, 2019

AAPM&R is especially thankful for each of these members for their long-standing commitment to the Academy and its goals as they celebrate 25 years of Academy membership in 2019. Thank you. 

Aashish A. Deshpande, MD
Abraham Alfaro, PhD DO
Adora L. Matthews, MD
Alka Kohli, MD
Amrit P. Singh, MD
Amy Indenbaum Green, MD
Amy J. Wilson, MD
Andrew J. Morpurgo, MD
Andrew L. Hendrix, Jr., MD
Anne Mathews, MD
Anne N. Truong, MD
Anthony Hayek, DO
Ashish G. Shanbhag, MD
Barbara A. Hoffer, DO
Barbara E. Quattrone, MD
Barry M. Rodstein, MD MPH
Benjamin E. Wall, MD MSPH
Betty Vekhnis, MD
Beverly J. DeGroot, MD
Bill S. Rosen, MD
Bonnie J. Nock, DO
Bradley S. Merritt, MD
Brian S. Vanderhoof, DO
Bruce E. Witmer, MD
Bruce G. Kinzy, MD
Carlos E. Moravek, MD
Carri A. Jones, MD
Catalina A. Grigorescu, MD
Cesar B. Velasco, MD
Charles W. Vokac, MD
Cheryl A. Bihn, MD
Chris A. Covington, DO
Chris G. Gussner, MD
Christopher J. Standaert, MD
Christopher P. Ashley, MD
Claudino Arias Benabe, MD
Cliff A. Gronseth, MD
Cynthia A. Garcia, MD
Daniel H. Cheng, MD
Dara L. Headrick, DO
David A. Bowers, MD
David A. Feingold, MD
David A. Richman, MD
David B. Fox, MD
David J. Weiss, MD
David K. Padgett, DO
David M. McElroy, MD
David P. Speach, MD
David R. Gater, Jr., MD PhD MS
David S. Schneider, DO SC
David T. Yu, MD
Deborah E. Amos, MD
Debra L. Braverman, MD
Dennis Chong, MD
Dennise T. Monserrate-Lara, MD
Derek M. Burnett, MD
Diane G Lepore, MD
Dinesh A. Kumbhare, MD
Don C. Pirraglia, DO
Douglas T. Cannon, MD
Duc Thai Ngo, MD
Dwayne L. Clay, MD
Edward A. Woods, MD
Edward M. Schnitzer, MD
Elizabeth A. Huntoon, MD
Elizabeth A. Roaf, MD
Elva G. Delport, MD
Emily J. Yu, MD
Eric T. Morse, MD
Estelle R. Farrell, DO
Eugene F. Pence, MD
Evan R. Nelson, MD
Frank B. Sarlo, MD
Ganesh R. Balu, MD
Gerald Klooster, II, DO
Gerald V. Klim, DO
Girish Juneja, MD
Glenn J. Jakobsen, DO
Glenn M. Forman, MD
Glennal M. Verbois, MD
Goran A. Jezic, MD
Gregory G. Billy, MD
Gregory J. Gerber, MD
Heather R. Scullin, DO
Inocencia Carrano, MD
Irfan A. Ansari, MD
J. Shane Ross, MD
Jagmohan Sharma, MD
James D. Hook, MD
James J. Sardo, MD
Janet A. Jenkins, MD
Janine Coles Islam, MD
Jayson H. Takata, MD
Jeanette J. Gluszewski Sauer, MD
Jeffrey B. Gibberman, MD
Jennifer E. Doble, MD
Jennifer J. Semel-Concepcion, MD
Jennifer K Lawlor, MD
John A. Dana, MD
John A. D'Andrea, MD
John D. McCain, MD
John E. Wilson, DO
John F. Flannery, MD
John H. Bissell, MD
John P. Bursell, MD
John T. Sacha, MD
Jonathan C. Reeser, MD PhD
Joseph Basilone, MD
Joseph G. Gregorace, DO
Karl W. Klamar, MD
Katharine J. Leppard, MD
Kathleen Fink, MD
Kathleen M. Abbott, MD
Kathleen M. Sisler, MD
Kathryn A. Donohue-de Souza, MD
Kathryn A. Zidek, MD
Katrina Babcock, DO
Kaylan L. Belville, DO
Kenneth J. Buley, MD
Kenneth K. Lee, MD
Kenneth R. Kemp, Jr., MD
Keri M. LaVigne-Langenstein, MD
Kimberly K. BeDell, MD
Kokwai Yap, MD
Krisztina Z. Mishack, MD
Kwan-Iong L. Jakobsen, DO
Laurie L. Glasser, MD
Leonard Bleicher, MD
Leslie M. Bishop, MD
Lewis Herzbrun, MD
Linda R. Carroll, MD
Lisa B. Grant, MD
Lisa M. Hermes, MD
Lucian P. Bednarz, MD
Manish M. Patel, MD
Marc R. Gerber, MD
Maria Regina L. Reyes, MD
Mark D. Chai, MD
Mark E. Huang, MD
Mark H. Chan, MD
Mark J. Hinrichs, MD
Mary G. Bryant, MD
Maryanne J. Henderson, DO
Matthew M. Keum, MD
Mehar S. Reen, MBBS FRCPC
Melissa A. Azaula, MD
Melissa K. Trovato, MD
Melvin R. Manning, Jr., MD
Michael Dole, MD
Michael G. Fuentes, MD
Michael J. Kenosh, MD
Michael L. Jensen, DO
Michael R. Moore, MD
Michael S. Chung, MD
Michael W. Wolff, MD
Mikhail Freylikh, MD
Miriam E. Kanter, MD
Mrunalini B. Shah, MD
Muhammad S. Jilani, MD
Nadya G. Swedan, MD
Narayana R. Parasu, MD
Nels L. Carlson, MD
Nicholas G. Bagnoli, DO
Norma Bilbool, MD
Nuala Crotty, MD
Patricia A. Hurford, MD
Patricia J. Hantsch, MD
Patricia M. Stewart, DO
Patrick M. Foye, MD
Pierre R. Herard, MD
R. Cenk Pekis, MD
Rakesh A. Parikh, MD
Ramin Rahimi, DO
Ranjini Satyadev, MD
Rayden C. Cody, MD
Reuben Sloan, MD
Richard E. Scott, Jr., DO
Richard E. Verville, LLB
Richard Fernandez, MD
Richard P. Hermann, MD
Richard S. Krupkin, MD
Richard T. Jermyn, DO
Rita G. Hamilton, DO
Robert E. LeBlond, MD
Robert G. Sheu, MD
Robert J. Klecz, MD
Robert M. Lindsey, MD
Robert Yee, MD
Rodric J. Bell, MD
Roger H. Feely, MD
Ronald T. Moon, DO
Ronald VanDerNoord, MD
Ruth E. Smith, MD
Sally Alcott, MD
Sandra Jo D. Shriner, MD
Sanjay S. Shah, MD
Scott C. Mirani, MD
Scott T. Hardin, MD
Sea Hun Kim, MD
Shelley A. Nepa, DO
Shirley Khalouf, MD
Sophia N. Chun, MD
Spencer H. Wang, MD
Stacy S. Gillespie, DO
Stanton Weiner, DO
Stephen P. Burns, MD
Steven G. Musick, DO
Steven J. Farrell, MD
Steven K. Taylor, MD
Steven R. Sabers, MD
Steven V. Escaldi, DO
Subramaniam Parameshwaran, MD MBA MS
Sung-Lana Kim, MD
Sunil K. Jain, MD
Sunitha Polepalle, MD
Susan L. Cramer, MD
Susan L. Youngs, MD
Susan Tower, MD
Syed Q. Kazmi, MD
Timothy J. Lapp, MD
Tobey M. Leung, MD
Todd J. Cooperman, MD
Tracy R. Johnson, MD
Trinh G. Truong, MD
Tuong C. Trate, MD
Viktoriya Brener, MD
Vladimir Gressel, MD
William C. Koenig, Jr., MD
William J. Hwang, MD
William J. Washington, MD
William K. Smith, MD
William R. Westerkam, MD
Willie M. Yu, MD
Wynette Y. Kitajima, MD
Yong S. Lee, MD
Zhengyu Hu, MD
Zinon M. Pappas, MD
Zoraya M. Parrilla, MD

Legislation Introduced to Alleviate Impact of Conversion Factor Cut for 2021

Nov 09, 2020

Last month, two bills were introduced in the House proposing solutions to the estimated 10.6% Physician Fee Schedule conversion factor cut expected to go into effect January 1, 2021.  The bills offer some relief to the cut, but do not reflect a comprehensive or long-term solution.  AAPM&R has therefore chosen to remain neutral regarding these bills. 

Your Academy continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the conversion factor cut while maintaining the important payment increases to office and outpatient evaluation and management services.