AAPM&R Publishes Job Description and Position Statement for Physiatrists' Roles in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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March 23, 2023

As an increasing number of patients receive rehabilitation care in Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), physiatrists have an opportunity to promote and demonstrate their immense value within these settings. To ensure our members are equipped with the best resources, AAPM&R convened a SNF Workgroup to create an in-depth job description for physiatrists in SNFs and update AAPM&R’s Position Statement on Physiatrists' Role in Skilled Nursing Facilities. The newly developed job description includes summaries of the key roles a physiatrist may serve in a SNF setting ranging from PM&R consultant to Rehabilitation Medical Director. The updated position statement recognizes physiatrists are uniquely suited to provide vital patient care and leadership in SNFs. Both documents emphasize the plethora of ways physiatrists in SNFs ensure the highest quality outcomes and the most efficient use of resources including:

  • Supporting the seamless transitions of rehabilitation care across the healthcare continuum resulting in greater functional gains by the patient
  • A reduction in complications
  • Earlier discharge, while minimizing hospital readmissions and achieving cost savings for the healthcare system

Academy members are encouraged to share these resources with SNF administrators and other interested stakeholders in your local market. Please reach out to healthpolicy@aapmr.org with any questions or suggestions on how to effectively use these resources.

View the Job Description and Position Statement


*AAPM&R thanks the SNF Workgroup participants:

  • Jeffery Johns, MD, FAAPMR; Chair
  • Edward Burnetta, MD, FAAPMR
  • Jason Gruss, MD, FAAPMR
  • Susan Hubbell, MD, FAAPMR; Position Statement Chair
  • Prateek Grover, MD, PhD, MHA, FAAPMR, Job Description Chair
  • Amish Patel, DO, FAAPMR
  • Christian Roehmer, MD
  • Charlotte Smith, MD, FAAPMR

Legislation Introduced to Alleviate Impact of Conversion Factor Cut for 2021

Nov 09, 2020

Last month, two bills were introduced in the House proposing solutions to the estimated 10.6% Physician Fee Schedule conversion factor cut expected to go into effect January 1, 2021.  The bills offer some relief to the cut, but do not reflect a comprehensive or long-term solution.  AAPM&R has therefore chosen to remain neutral regarding these bills. 

Your Academy continues to advocate for a permanent solution to the conversion factor cut while maintaining the important payment increases to office and outpatient evaluation and management services.