AAPM&R's Strategic Plan

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Goal A: Transforming the Specialty

Physiatry is an essential medical specialty integrated early and throughout the continuum of medical care for patients with neuromusculoskeletal and disabling conditions.  


Models of Physiatry

  • Advance the development & promotion of integrated models of physiatry
  • Document evidence basis and impact of physiatric care models
  • Promote physiatric models to key stakeholders
  • Create a plan to meet workforce capacity to fulfill integrated models of physiatry
  • Transform GME training to align with future vision for specialty


  • Prioritize patient function and quality of life as accepted health care metrics
  • Elevate awareness of the value of rehabilitation medicine
  • Enhance exposure to PM&R in medical schools


  • Advocate to make physiatry an essential medical specialty and to eliminate barriers for advancement of prioritized models 
  • Advocate on public policy issues related to persons with disabling conditions

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