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AAPM&R is working to ensure PM&R is positioned to thrive in the future of healthcare and that you’re prepared for wherever your career takes you. Our more than 10,000 Academy members support each other in advancing PM&R’s impact through healthcare. As we move forward, it is more important than ever that every member play an active role in helping one another realize the vision for our specialty.


Looking for AAPM&R members in the news? Press releases? Our Academy Action Center? Or looking to submit your members in the news content? You'll find it all in our Newsroom. You will also be able to explore PM&R and Academy news as well as learn how to contact us if you would like to submit your member content, or if you are a reporter who is interested in speaking with a PM&R physician.

Event Calendar and Webinars

Stay up-to-date on all Academy events and learning opportunities and view recordings of past webinars. 

PM&R Aspire

PM&R Aspire is our new career-exploration platform purpose-built to help PM&R professionals make better-informed career decisions. We have mapped employer locations across the United States, enabling you to explore, message and apply to the roles that matter most to you.

PM&R Q&A Video Conversations

AAPM&R is leading the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout healthcare as aligned with YOUR vision for the specialty. Explore our Q&A video series where members of our Physiatrist in Training (PHiT) Council Board chat with AAPM&R Board leaders. Most recently, Dr. Alpha Anders, PHiT Board President chats with Dr. D.J. Kennedy, AAPM&R President.

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AAPM&R's 2024 Annual Assembly 

Register now for PM&R's annual meeting—the 2024 Annual Assembly, November 6-10 in San Diego, CA and online! 

Online Learning Portal

Education is a fundamental offering that affects PM&R physicians across clinical focuses, practice areas, career stages and levels of expertise. As part of Academy membership, we provide top-notch education and other innovative learning resources across a variety of delivery mechanisms.

Access AAPM&R’s popular Online Learning Portal, which features educational resources, including case studies, instructional videos and more on a variety of clinical and practice topics.

Online Learning Portal


Online Education Subscription

24/7 access to our online educational resources through the end of your annual membership cycle. Check out what's included below!


STEP Certificate Programs

AAPM&R’s highly-regarded STEP Certificate Programs are designed by physiatrists for physiatrists and teach and assess important physiatric skills using a progressive, competency- based curriculum.



PhyzForum is an online physiatry community that allows you to engage with peers, ask advice, and share experiences. Participate in discussions to network, collaborate, and exchange best practices with your peers.

Annual Assembly
November 12-15


The 2020 Annual Assembly is virtual! Join us from November 12-15 as we meet online to share best practices and support each other as we navigate a “new normal."

Critical Conversation Series

Thursday, October 1 at 6 pm (CT)

You're invited to participate in a series of discussions on racial equity, access and inclusion in today’s world. Join us for our next conversation on October 1 for AAPM&R's Diversity and Inclusion Journey. We will review efforts that led to the creation of the D&I strategic plan, unveil our new Principles of Inclusion and Engagement and share new initiatives on the horizon.

Take the Next STEP in Your Ultrasound Education


AAPM&R's STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program is the premiere ultrasound training program—designed by physiatrists, for physiatrists. 

As the only formal, standardized training pathway available for honing and validating your ultrasound skill set, successful completion of the STEP Ultrasound Program will clearly demonstrate to your patients, fellow health care professionals, employers, and the medical facilities you work with that you are a competent professional, expertly trained in ultrasound. 

PhyzForum AAPM&R's Online Member Community